For any industry, equipment is the muscle crunching for mass production, and engineers are the backbone. The expert combination of man and machine keeps the industry alive for decades. When an industry ages, high-end equipment faces functional degradation such as corrosion, material degradation, failures and various major or minor mishaps.

It is crucial to maintain the quality of industrial assets for quantitative productions. Industry experts at TCR Advanced are enthusiasts and keen to encourage industrial safety measures and provide support during unplanned setbacks faced by industries. TCR’s unique assessment approach and world-class instruments add life to the industrial assets for optimum production.

Illustrious businesses from all across the world, including-  IndiaSaudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Dubai, Bangladesh, Iraq, Qatar, Zambia, Kenya & Malaysia, entrust TCR Advanced with various services such as –

TCR Advanced NDT services like HTHA, TOFD & Phase-Array, Videoscopy, Eddy Current Testing, ARTiS and Helium Leak Testing help regain the strength of industrial assets and sustain longer than their retiring time.

An indigenously developed AiOM® by TCR Advanced allows industries to see the past damages, detect the live conditions & envision the future functionalities of industrial assets. This system abides by our motto of increasing efficiency, reducing shutdowns and booming profitability. Various tools such as Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Fitness-For-Service (FFS), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), Quality Assurance (QA) Plans, etc. are developed with internationally recognized bodies such as API, ASME, SAE, etc. that are widely used all over the world.

TCR Advanced is adhered by the savant pillars of Industrial Safety Experts with their highly experienced team along with Advanced DT & NDT instruments for testing and analysis. TCR Advanced is ranked one of the TOP 10 NDT service providers in India by Industrial Outlook. To extend the contribution, TCR took a step forward to unveil the curtains and share industry knowledge through Evolve by TCR, which focuses on training individuals in Advanced NDT, Metallography, Metallurgy for non-metallurgists and Boiler inspection.

The outcomes of TCR Advanced services have instigated trust in renowned industries worldwide. The presence of TCR echoes in national and international clients such as Reliance, TATA, SAIL, Alembic, IFFCO, Apollo, ONGC, Shell, Essar, BHEL, SIEMENS, SWCC, SEC (Saudi Arabia), MEW (Kuwait), Sewage Power Plant (Egypt) and the list goes on. Associating with TCR Advanced can lead sectors like Power, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Petrochemical, EPC, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Automobiles, or pharmaceuticals, resist significant losses and attain holistic abundance.