The one-day intensive training on “Metallography for Engineers” is aimed to provide comprehensive understanding of metallographic techniques, enhancing material characterization skills, and emphasizing practical application and problem-solving in metallography through real-world examples.

Program on : 30 June Friday 2023

Aspiring individuals will gain a comprehensive understanding of the following subjects.

    • Introduction to Metallography
    • Sample Preparation Techniques
  • Microscopic Examination
  • Image Analysis
  • Interpretation and Reporting

Course Content :

  • Sample preparation by cutting, outing, grinding, and polishing
  • Etching the metals and alloy samples for development of microstructures
  • Fe-C phase diagram of steels and cast irons
  • Microscopy for observation of microstructures
  • Bright and dark field microscopy
  • Image analysis of the microstructures
  • Quantification of microstructure such as grain size, Inclusion rating and case depth measurement
  • Co-relation of microstructures with composition and heat treatment of
    metals and alloy

Key Benefits :

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the internal structure of metals and alloys.
  • Develop proficiency in sample preparation, optical microscopy, and image analysis.
  • Enhance your ability to assess material properties and make informed engineering decisions.
  • Get a grip on properties of metals, how they are tested, how metal products are made and where they are used.

Course Fees :

  • Single participant : INR 6,000.00 for Indian delegates GST @ 18.00 % applicable on above fees.
  • Note : 10% discount on total amount of invoice for 03 or more than 3 nominations from same organization.