What comes to your mind when you think about innovation?

For TCR, Innovation is utilizing the latest technology so creatively that a job can be done with more efficiency and produce faster results that in turn help our clients & country to improve profitability, reduce shutdown and improve safety.

Our R&D team works day and night to create sustainable innovations in our field and we, as a team is proud to share with you some of the major innovations by TCR:

  1. ARTis (Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System):

TCR Advanced indigenously developed an automated robotic crawler to aid ultrasonic inspection of reformer tubes.

This crawler has helped major industries as it performs ultrasonic testing on reformer tubes without any damage. This technology can save a tremendous amount of time and money of our clients.

  1. Detection of Carburization by UT method

Capability to identify on-site carburization by phased array ultrasonic testing utilizing high-frequency ultra-sonic probes.

  1. HTHA (High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack)

The technical know-how of detecting on-site HTHA using phased array ultra-sonic machine with specialized probes.

  1. Live Metallography (For Detection of Sigma phase)

The ability to take microstructure images on-site helps in taking critical decisions pertaining to repair, onset of irreversible damage immediately

  1. AiOM (Asset Integrity Optimization Management)

This is the most recent and the biggest innovation made by TCR Advanced that will make a company’s life much easier at an affordable rate. It is a unique end-to-end solution software that will help monitor Asset Health to prevent failures and Enhance Safety.

With this software, TCR wants to help companies achieve Integrity, Reliability, Safety & Optimization and Maintain excellence.