Choose the best rated NDT service – helium leak test for authentic results and safety assurance.

What is the Helium Leak Test?

With the continuous mass production in industries, heavy machinery often face ruptures that the naked eye cannot see. These ruptures obstruct the continuity forming a leakage in the containers that directly impedes the quality of production as well as creates an unsafe environment for people working around. To solve this dilemma, we at TCR Advanced offer NDT (non-destructive test) services like Helium Leak Detection that can help to identify unseen ruptures by spraying or sniffing the helium gas onto the component tracing the location for the type of leakage.

When should the Helium Leak Test be carried out?

Sometimes the output of working assets like heat exchangers or condensers fails to give their optimum results. This fluctuation takes place due to the leakage in tubes. It becomes highly essential to identify the leaking tubes as minor failures like this, invite the possibility of major process-upsets or accidents in the industry. Due to its high sensitivity, Helium leak testing can easily pinpoint the minuscule size of leakage.

Why Helium?

After hydrogen, helium is the second lightest element having properties such as non-toxic, inert and non-flammable. Helium molecules can pass through minor crevices in the component detecting the leakage’s path, location, and size even in the presence of process residue. As helium is not ordinarily present in the atmosphere (< 5 ppm), it can assuredly be traced through leaking containers. Compared to the pneumatic and hydro tests where water or other fluids are used, the Helium Leak Test is considered the most accurate detection method.

On which components HLT is usually performed?

Numerous apparatus are used in various industries in which the absence of leakage is of utmost importance. Majorly helium leak testing is performed on:

  1.  Condensers
  2.  Heat Exchangers
  3.  Power Plant Turbines

In addition, it can be useful for Valves, bellows, Manifold seals, Vacuum vessels and systems, Medical devices, Fuel lines, Hydraulic lines, Refrigeration assemblies, Radiators, glove boxes, Vacuum furnaces, vacuum coaters, Semiconductor & Laser process equipment, Gas handling systems, Bioreactors, Hermetically sealed packages, Liquid gas facilities and Cryo tanks. The final benefit is time saved. Thus, without wasting time opt for our best NDT service – Helium Leak Test and let the machineries work smoothly.