“Those who cannot remember the past are going to repeat it” – Dr Peter McClean Millar

Major assets in any industry are the heart and soul of that industry that requires continuous care and maintenance. Often times, an industry purchases an asset and start utilizing it with a casual approach. This casual approach can lead to huge production loss, unplanned shutdowns and also impact the safety of people working in that plant.

So the big question is: “Is it possible to IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY, REDUCE SHUTDOWN and also IMPROVE PROFITABILITY while keeping the SAFETY of your employees? If yes, How?”

The good news is, Yes, It is possible to improve productivity, reduce shutdown and also improve profitability while keeping your employees in a safe environment.

This can be achieved through a change of perspective.

In any industry, we make the mistake of waiting for an asset to react or fail and then we find a solution for it. We have to change this! Our aim should be to prevent failures in any asset and know how long will an asset be in a healthy working condition.

For this, we should follow a few steps

  1. Follow the company standards, regulatory and legislative requirements for an asset
  2. Get Remaining Life Assessment and Risk-Based Inspection for all assets to understand the risk-informed engineering and techniques
  3. Report the required safety, environmental and operational faults in any asset
  4. Optimize the activities and resources to operate facilities
  5. Assure that all assets are working in good health
Asset Integrity Management is “The ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst protecting health, safety and environment. – UK Health, Safety and Environment