TCR Advanced’s innovation – ARTiS™, an automated robotic crawler, is a revolutionary inspection system for reformer tubes. This system is an aid for holistic tube inspection that includes creep strain measurement, bowing assessment, thickness measurement and Ultrasonic testing. Reformer Tubes are an integral part of many industries such as oil & gas, petroleum, fertilizers, etc. The failure of reformer tubes can lead to massive loss. Thus, ARTiS is an advanced non-destructive test that gives the remaining life assessment of reformer tubes. 

ARTiS Expert, Mr Ketan Upadhyay quotes –

” so far we have conducted more than 12,000 tube scans and for every test, we have an active feedback system that ensures100% reliable life assessment”

ARTiS™ offers several key advantages, such as:

  • It provides an overall condition of the tubes in the reformer and identifies troublesome areas if any.
  • With point-by-point measurements of ultrasound attenuation and creep strain all along the length of each tube, inspection work becomes more systematic and reproducible.
  • It avoids the time-consuming scaffolding process and inspections are completed faster optimizing the shutdown time. 
  • Automating the coupling process terminates the need for overhead water drums, eliminating water spillage and damage to the cerawool refractories. 

TCR Advanced is the sole service provider for ARTiS™.  ARTiS is making a booming space in reformer tube inspection in the national and international industrial domain.